I suffered cruelty by a group of bullies from the age of 11, who tortured me to the point that I felt so worthless that I began to self-harm and my mental health deteriorated. Since receiving the help and support I so desperately needed. I have fought to get my life back on track, took back control and now feel I am able to cope better with my mental health. With a little encouragement and a bit of support I have learnt to count the good qualities that I have that has helped me build up my self-esteem and confidence, I passed my exams and I found a job I love doing. These were goals I never thought I’d reach.

I am now looking towards a bright and positive future. With my past experiences and the support from the Youth Council and the participation of children’s rights team I am so excited to be launching our mental health campaign #StoriHarriet because my journey to being in a better and happier place began with a simple conversation.

I realised that starting a conversation can make a huge difference to someone’s life, I am asking you to back my campaign #StoriHarriet and promise to start a conversation as it could change a life by downloading and signing our #StoriHarriet Pledge and then uploading a photo to social media with the hashtag #StoriHarriet.

The campaign was launched by Cllr Glynog Davies, Executive Board Member for Education who signed the first copy of Stori Harriet’s Pledge at the conference with our Chairperson Brittany. Cllr Glynog Davies: “Harriet has an inspiring story to tell which will I’m sure give encouragement and support to others. I congratulate Harriet and the Youth Council for bringing this important and difficult topic to the forefront,” he said. “I hope that people will support and sign Harriet’s pledge.”

I got the inspiration to champion mental health issues and start #StoriHarriet since winning the Carmarthenshire Radio Child of Courage award 2017 in recognition for the strength, fight and courage that I have shown during my personal difficulties.

Over the past 2 months I have begun to share my story with other young people and adults alike, to raise awareness of mental health issues as recent statistics show that 1 in 5 people are affected by mental health issues in the UK. I am passionate to highlight the message to young people that it is a bad day and not a bad life. If you would like to read my story please click on the link StoriHarriet

Support us by downloading and signing our pledge!

Article by Harriet