Carmarthenshire Youth Council

Carmarthenshire Youth Council (or CYC as we call it) was set up in September 2003 by young people for young people. We are a group of young people aged 11 – 21 years old from across Carmarthenshire who act as a voice for young people by representing the views and opinions of all young people in the county.

“young people have a right to be heard and their views and opinions should be treated as equal to adults.”

To find out more or to see how you can join, visit our ABOUT US page

Take Part in Our Biggest Youth Consultation

We need your VOTE! Are you a young person aged between 11 and 18 years old who lives in Carmarthenshire? Are you passionate about making your community a better place? If so, then take part in our Youth Consultation – Our Voice, Our Vote, Our Future!

Cast your vote on the one issue that matters most to you. Your Vote will shape the conversation about issues that directly affect our lives and are of the greatest importance to us. You only have until Friday 23 February 2024 so use your vote!

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