Children’s Rights

A Promise…
Countries around the world, including Wales have promised that all children and young people (0-25 years old) should be provided with what we need to have a safe, happy and healthy life and that we should have a say on the big decision that affect us.

PDF Summary of The United Nations Convention on the rights of the child.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Child
In 1990, the United Nations (which is a group of countries) signed an agreement called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child or sometimes called the UNCRC.

The UNCRC is a promise that lists 42 rights which belong to us as children and young people, such as the Right to education, privacy, medical care, play and the Right to be treated fairly. These 42 rights give children and young people what we need to grow up happily, healthily and safely.

Wales has promised these rights and others to children and young people by signing the UNCRC. Nearly every government in the world has promised that their Leaders would to protect, respect and fulfil these rights no matter who they are or where they live. The UNCRC reminds us of the world we want to live in and it is up to each and every one of us to work towards that goal by ensuring all children and young people know about their rights, can access their rights and are able to exercise their rights.

Know your rights
Once you know your rights they can help you out in so many situations. Standing up and using your rights helps everyone… it shows other children and young people that they are not alone and gets parents, teachers, services and decision makers to pay attention. What children and young people say and do really does matter. Knowing our rights can change our communities lots of us are already taking a stand against things like climate change, violence and inequality


Who Checks…
Rocio Cifuentes has been the Children’s Commissioner for Wales since April 2022, previously Sally Holland from April 2015. Rocio is responsible for telling people about Childrens Rights and to promote the wellbeing of children and young people in Wales.

Every 5 years our Government (Welsh Government) has to report on how it is respecting and protecting our Rights to a group of adults at the United Nations called the Committee on the Rights of the Child who decide if Welsh Government is making sure we have our Rights. After getting evidence and holding a public meeting at the UN Office in Geneva. The Committee on the Rights of the Child write a report that says where the Government is doing well, but also sets out recommendations for areas where it can do better at protecting and respecting our rights.

How you can get involved…
You can let adults know what you think the key issues are about rights here in Wales. The UNCRC is all about our rights as children and young people so it’s important the Committee hears our evidence, you could tell your friends about it, speak to your Youth Workers, join a group like Carmarthenshire Youth Council, get your school or college involved or use social media to keep informed.

For more information check out Childrens Rights Wales