A young person voting on a ballot paper.

We are excited to shareOur Voice, Our Vote, Our Future… Our BIGGEST Youth Consultation! Have your say on what is important to you! This is your chance to directly impact the future of Carmarthenshire. The top issue voted for, will become the focus of our projects and campaigns, ensuring your voices are heard and acted upon.

Take a look at the TOP 10 ISSUES that made it onto the ballot paper…. and don’t forget to use your VOTE!

Improving Mental Health Awareness in Schools
Promote mental well-being with additional well-being days and expanding opportunities for more extracurricular activities

Stop Body Shaming
End body shaming and raise awareness of its harmful impact on young individuals

Stop Anti-social Behaviour
Engaging with and creating more community spaces for young people. Educate more people about anti-social behaviour

Stop Vaping/Smoking
Limit access and make vapes less appealing for young people

Teach First Aid in Schools
Expansion on basic first aid by learning more life-saving techniques to save more lives

More outdoor lessons in Schools
Encourage greater outdoor engagement. Discover, grow, and learn where your food comes from.

Stop Bullying
More safeguarding and education for bullying of all kinds

The state of school and lack of funding
Increase funding for schools to improve their quality, giving young people a better learning experience

More Opportunities for Young People
More open days, apprenticeships and work experience for young people

Teach real life lessons in school
Beyond textbooks: Teach skills that launch life (finance, careers, CVs)


Click HERE to download a copy of our Poster.

Together, we can make sure every young voice in Carmarthenshire is heard! Join in the conversation on socials by using #OurVoiceOurVoteOurFuture