Two of our members have been finding out more about what Carmarthenshire County Council is doing to protect the environment.

Cai Phillips and Arwen Skinner invited Cllr Hazel Evans, executive board member responsible for environment, to a digital meeting. The Youth Council is focusing on its campaign ‘To protect our environment’ during part of Plastic Free July. The meeting was a chance for the young people to find out what the county council is doing by speaking directly with the executive board member responsible for environment.

Amongst the topics discussed was the use of plastic waste, climate change and biodiversity. Arwen said: “We called for the meeting to address young people’s concerns about the environment and plastic free July. Our questions got answered and we are looking forward to a meeting in September.”

Cai added: “We wanted to meet with Cllr Evans as we thought that it was important that the Council is aware of young people’s views. The meeting went really well, we had a constructive discussion on many different topics. We are extremely happy that Cllr Evans invited us to another meeting in September to continue the engagement on this important issue.”

Cllr Hazel Evans said: “I would like to thank Cai and Arwen for inviting me to speak with them and asking me some challenging questions. It was a great opportunity to hear their views too and I look forward to meeting with them again in September to follow this conversation up.”

Interested in what Carmarthenshire County Council are doing to protect our environment then read our interview with Cllr. Hazel Evans here.