In June 2017 we took part in a consultation event run by the National Assembly for Wales on the exciting first of its kind, new Youth Parliament for Wales.

Youth Parliament for Wales

Taking part in the consultation gave Carmarthenshire Youth Councillors the opportunity to help to shape the future of the Youth Parliament while learning about the function of a Welsh Youth Parliament and its importance for helping to amplify young people’s voices to help change issues that we care about.

During the workshop run by Kelly Harris, Youth Engagement Office for the National Assembly for Wales we had the opportunity to say what we think about the new Youth Parliament, express and share our opinions and put forward ideas.

Although young people under the age of 18 are unable to vote in democratic elections in Wales, a Youth Parliament will campaign and debate on their behalf.

CYC Member Liam Flynn said “I believe that the setting up of the new Welsh Youth Parliament is brilliant as it will let young people from Carmarthenshire participate in politics on a National level and give all young people in Wales a voice in decisions which will affect us all.”

The consultation finished on 30th June 2017 but if you want to follow the story of the new Youth Parliament for Wales, then you can get more information by visiting the National Assembly for Wales