We are backing the ‘MAKE YOUR MARK’ ballot, the largest youth consultation across the UK and this year are aiming to encourage over 6000 young people aged 11 – 18 years across Carmarthenshire to get involved and vote on the most important issues to them.

Amber Treharne from Burry Port has been elected to represent Carmarthenshire and Wales as Carmarthenshire’s UK Youth Parliament member for 2019/20.

Last year over 1.1 million young people took part in the national ballot that decided on which issues were debated by the UK Youth Parliament at the UKYP sitting in the House of Commons.

It is slightly different this year as there are 3 votes on the ballot paper:

1. 1 vote from 5 UK wide topics which are listed.

2. 1 vote from 5 Devolved topics.

3. A space for you to write what you think the Local topic is.

The ballot will run until Noon on Wednesday 9th October and voting can be done online or via a paper ballot which are available from Carmarthenshire Youth Council.

Ballot papers will also be sent to all Secondary School Councils and Youth Projects in Carmarthenshire to encourage every young person within the county to get involved in ‘Make your Mark’ and help spread the word, so that Wales has a voice on a UK level.

On the 8th November 2019 – Members of the UK Youth Parliament will come together to debate and decide, on the most important issues to campaign on for the year ahead.

For more information contact the Participation team on Participation@carmarthenshire.gov.uk