I found out about the interviewing for staff for the Participation Support Worker through the Carmarthenshire Youth Council and I decided I would like to be a part of it. I asked to become a part of the interviewing panel and was invited to Ammanford offices where the interviews were going to be done. I felt extremely excited to be given such an amazing opportunity as well as a bit nervous as I have never done something like this before.

 I came up with a few questions and then picked out which questions were the best suited for this interview and role. During the interview I made notes about each person I interviewed to make sure they are perfectly suited for this role.

The best part about being involved in this interview is the experience I have received from doing it. Interviewing is a very important factor in life; however, we are not taught about interviews and the process of them in schools. This should be something we are taught about in school as everyone should be able to get the opportunity to do this. I am now prepared to get interviewed in the future as I know what the interview process looks like and I also am now able to interview other people which could help me in the future.

For this interview, I prepared by familiarising myself with the job and the qualities that are needed for this job and I made notes about what I should look for when interviewing.

The advice I would give to young people interviewing others for a job is to be prepared and be confident. You will need to learn about the job that you are interviewing for as well as making some notes on what the most important things are that you are looking for during the interview. Being prepared is also important for a young person getting ready to be interviewed.

I found that it is much harder interviewing through Teams as it is not really the same experience as a usual interview. It is much harder to see what the person is really like and how confident they are speaking in front of people under pressure.

I was included in the whole interview process. After the interviews I looked over any notes that I had taken during the interviews and chose which person was best suited for this role.

I wanted to be a part of the interview process as I wanted to gain some experience on interviews as well as see what an interview looked like. I think being a part of the interview panel was very interesting as well as helpful for my future and I would recommend anyone that gets the opportunity to do this.

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