We have been working with Officers from Education Services and Youth Support Services from Carmarthenshire County Council on Period Poverty. It is such an important issue that affects so many women and young girls; one in ten girls aged 14-21 living in the UK are unable to afford sanitary items.

We were shocked when we learnt about that statistic and even more shocked when we learnt how some young girls stay at home from school due to not having adequate protection whilst on their period. This is why we decided to start the Period Poverty project to ensure no girls have their right to education compromised whilst being on their period, and equally as important, our attitudes need to change; we need stop the feeling of shame and embarrassment surrounding a girl’s “time of the month”.  Working with staff from the County Council we have been involved in gathering the views of young people and voicing our onions to make sure a Welsh Government Grant given to all local authorities in Wales is spent in the best possible way.

“We are so excited to be leading the Carmarthenshire Period Poverty project as it is such an important issue. It is heart-breaking to hear about stories where girls are missing out on education due to not having sufficient protection whilst on their period so it is clear something needs to be done. I hope that this project does make a difference within Carmarthenshire so we can come one step closer to ending period poverty once and for all!”

How girls in Carmarthenshire will benefit.

So you may be wondering what we will actually do with this project

To help you out, here are some commonly asked questions with our answers: How will this project benefit girls in Carmarthenshire? We will be giving a box to primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and youth clubs and projects within the county. In the box there will be sanitary products which can be taken for FREE when needed. these products will be FREE to ensure that no girl has to worry about having spare change.

If you are able to support young girls by providing free sanitary products please download and print a copy of our information poster.

How can I get involved?

We will be holding regular events in the hope that people will be kind enough to donate sanitary products as Carmarthenshire Youth Council can then try to replenish the boxes to ensure this project can be long-lasting.

Where can I donate?

Products: Contact us on info@carmarthenshire.gov.uk to arrange for any donations of products.

Money: We are hoping to set up a go fund me page whereby you can donate money online which will be used to purchase projects to give out to the schools, college and youth groups.

How can I recognise your project?

Period Poverty Knickers 2

Keep an eye out for our #PeriodPovertySirGâr Knickers logo on posters, promotional items, social media and more importantly if you see it on a toilet cubical door it means there are free products there for you to use… no hassle, no fuss and no questions.

Can I receive updates on the work that happens with your project?

We will regularly be posting updates on our social media pages so make sure you follow us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook to stay aware with what is happening.

I have an idea that I think would be beneficial for your project, where can I share it?

You can join in the conversation on social media by using #PeriodPovertySirGâr

For more information or if you are interested in getting involved then please contact the Participation and Childrens Rights Team on 01267 246435 We hope to see your support with our project and so that together we can tackle period poverty for once and for all in Carmarthenshire!

Article by Freya and Amber